Pike Miners Left to Die?

We’ve learned overnight that the Pike River mine main shaft was actually safe to enter in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. That’s exactly what mine experts said at the time, but the Government refused to listen. PM John Key repeatedly said that it was madness to re-enter the mine, but he either did not know, or, more likely, did not tell us that a re-entry had already been successfully executed.

My gut feeling is that Key, Whittal and, later, Solid Energy, knew that there was a reasonable chance that some miners had survived the initial blasts and were huddled around the rock fall blockage waiting for a rescue that never came.

Did John Key let the Pike River Mine survivors die to save his face?

The only way we will ever know the truth is to re-enter the mine.

We owe it to the dead men and their families.

We owe it to the living to know the truth about their deaths.



You Can’t Vaccinate against Stupidity

The Minister of education has the power to dismiss school boards who aren’t up to the job. Clearly, the kids of Grantlea Downs school deserve better than this.

Sack ’em now, before the stupidity virus spreads.


Oh, and this is still muy bueno!

Why Is Bomber Bradbury Bludging off Kiwi Unions?

One of the most frustrating things about our current employment law is that there is no protection against non union workers freeloading off the deals paid for by union members. If a union collective is re-negotiated, the results inevitably flow on to the rest of the workforce.

This bludging off the efforts of others is rightfully met with contempt by union members.

On the Daily Blog, the site’s front page includes links and logos for 7 unions and the Council of Trade Unions.

I understand that the majority of the unions concerned want nothing to do with the Daily Blog and most have asked Bomber Bradbury to remove the links. He refuses to do so. Spitefully, he has set the link for one complaining union so that anyone interested is directed away from the union site and guided to a Forex trading company. Pathetic.

The unions are concerned about the rampant sexism of the blog and the increasingly shrill attacks on worker’s organisations. Most recently, Bradbury has decided to directly attack union workers. Specifically, he wants union communication workers fired. Unsurprisingly, the majority of those union workers are women, which fits in perfectly with his misogynistic world view.

In the union movement, people who bludge off others are regarded as close to the lowest form of industrial life. Only a picket line crossing scab is lower than someone who takes unearned benefits from his fellow workers.

I don’t think Martyn Bradbury is a scab. Yet. However, pretending to have an association with the union movement where none exists is clearly freeloading of the mana of the movement. No, he’s not a scab. He’s a flea and a poseur.

Clearly, Bomber is an unrepentant bludger. He should remove the unearned links and logos immediately. But I bet he doesn’t, because he needs this sham of union support to maintain his fading left credentials.


Turnbull’s Memphis Moment

The astonishing story of President Tinkles hanging up on Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull isn’t the first time an ocker conservative leader has been left dangling by an American.

Back in 1986, Malcolm Fraser was found wandering trouser-less in a Memphis motel. He claimed to have no memory of the previous evening and believed he’d been drugged and robbed.

Malcolm Turnbull must know how he feels.

Cop this, Peter Dunne

It’s excellent news for Kiwi voters in general and the citizens of Ohariu specifically, that former Police Association leader Greg O’Connor is to seek the Labour Party nomination for the seat currently held by professional bum licker Peter Dunne.

Dunne, whose only loyalty is to his bank accounts, has flip flopped between governments of the left and right. The only significant concession he has achieved in his lengthy political career is to get each successive PM to offer him a cushy job with a large salary and perks.

Greg O’Connor, on the other hand, has done an excellent job as a union leader, representing his fellow Police Officers with dedication and vigour. He’s his own man.

O’Connor could be seen as the perfect candidate for the seat of Ohariu. He is perceived by the public as being small ‘c’ conservative, a good match for the electorate’s own self image. It would have been no surprise if he’d sought a safe seat with National.

Clearly, though, the man has a conscience and a liberal streak.

Snap him up, Labour!

And, please, Greens, don’t stand in the seat. You’ve previously let Dunne off the hook by putting up electorate candidates, diluting the Labour vote. No excuses this time; let’s work together to make sure Peter is Dunne.

Key to the Kingdom

First posted at Your NZ.


It’s been a great few days for the opposition. The Mt Roskill by election was a stunning win for Labour, the Greens have picked up a media friendly new candidate in Hayley Holt and Winston Peters has, well, I don’t know what Winston’s been up to, but I’m sure he thinks it was great.

And now John Key’s resigned to spend more time with his money. Good news for Barack Obama, golf’s no fun playing by yourself.

John Key’s resignation opens the door for two, perhaps three new Prime Ministers in the next twelve months.

First, Bill English will take over, on Key’s recommendation. If the polls plummet, he’ll be shafted by Easter, to be replaced by whatever counts as budding talent in the National caucus.

Bennett? Bridges?

It won’t matter, really, because whenever the election is called, early or late, Andrew Little will win.

Hold on, I hear you saying, what about the polls?

The numbers have been heading Little’s way for months. No, really. His task is to maximise Labour’s vote, but more importantly, build the numbers for both his party and the Greens. Most recent polls have had those two party’s combined vote just short or just above the point at which a coalition with NZ First could form a viable Government.

That’s how MMP works folks. If only Roy Morgan could work that out.

National can’t afford to lose even a couple of percentage points next election. If they drop even slightly, Winston is their only hope of staying in power.

It’s important to remember that National have scraped through three elections on the strength of their leader and the supine support of their mini me’s in Epsom and Ohariu.

ACT will be back, but Dunne’s done.

The maori party will not be back next election either. They’ll be swamped by Labour this time round. And a good job too. Bye bye, brown tories.

Without Key, National will almost certainly have to do a deal with NZ First to retain power.

Now, I don’t kid myself that Winston Peters can be relied on to do the right thing and back a Labour led Government.

Indeed, the resignation of Key takes away one of my favourite arguments, which was that Peters wanted to be the one who brought Key down. He hasn’t forgiven the Nats for forcing him out of Parliament in 2008 and I always fancied that if NZ First had the balance of power post election, he’d make Key dance  a jig to his tune for a few weeks, then go with Labour anyway.

I’m still convinced that Peters sees more scope to get his ideas over the line as part of a Little led Government. Have you ever looked at NZ Firsts policies? The vast majority could have been remits at a Labour party conference. Ok, rejected remits, but, hey, you get the idea.

The fly in the ointment for that arrangement is the Greens. Winston doesn’t trust them. He once told me that they’d sell NZ out for a snail. I laughed at the time, but if he does opt for the Nats post election, that’ll be the reason.

And what of the Greens? What do they get out of Key’s quitting?

Well, probably not much. This doesn’t have the same potential impact on their vote as it does for Labour.

However, there may be some Blue Greens who will shift their party vote their way. It’s noticeable in the inner city electorates that there is strong tactical voting by conservatives who have an environmental conscience. Maybe that’ll get them  an extra MP or two.

Ultimately, it will be Labour that is the big winner here.

Kiwis have traditionally let governments run for two or three terms, then let the other fullas have a go.That’ll be the outcome next year.

Andrew Little may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is a genuine guy, hard working and honest. He’s distressingly straight laced and painfully awkward in front of the cameras.

You know why?

He’s no show pony. He just wants to do the work.

I think voters will grudgingly accept he’s the right person to take the country forward for a term or two.

And with Key’s bitter legacy of growing inequality, poverty, underfunding of health, education and cops, and the apparent end of the Kiwi dream of owning our own home Little will have plenty of good issues to campaign on and plenty of problems to fix when he’s in the hot seat.

Barring some other seismic political shock, Andrew Little will find himself Prime Minister this time next year.

And I reckon  you’ll be surprised at how good a job he does of it.






I’m a Racist, a Hater of Women and a Bigoted Troll. But I didn’t vote Trump. Here’s Why.

I’m a bigot. I hate the left, I hate women. I hate the young, the old, the weak, the infirm, the unions, the Democrat party, the left in any western democracy. I have no time for the scientific method, common sense or decency.

But I didn’t vote Trump.

I bore people shitless spruiking for right wing demagogues such as Putin and Assad and I mercilessly troll the shit out of the one left wing site that I’m tolerated on. I get away with it because the piss weak liberals who run the place are too chickenshit to take on my cancerous output and call it for what it is.  Suckers!

I’m a self employed middle class businessman who makes my money conning those weak of spine and weaker of mind. I haven’t got a clue how the underclass and the working poor survive and have nothing but spite and sneering for them and those that try to help them.

But I didn’t vote Trump.

I never met a right wing conspiracy theory I didn’t like and I love telling people I’m post political, because that way I can be as right wing as possible and still stand a chance of getting laid.

I’m everything that people say Trump is; ignorant, fearful, bullying, derisory, clueless, and chock full of self grandeur. Hell, the greatest view in the world is the one I see in my mirror each morning.

But I didn’t vote Trump.

No, I didn’t vote Trump.

Here’s why.

Well, I’m not allowed to.

I’m not actually an American. I’m just a sad wee troll in a small town in the deep south of a shaky island in the South Pacific.

But even the deluded dream. And the self deluded dream the biggest dreams of all.

And I dream big dreams, huuuge dreams of a country where a bold, visionary leader takes the country by storm. We’ll have the bestest brown uniforms, the trains will run on time, women will know their place (mostly the kitchen or the birthing unit).

I have my political team working on it now. Both of them report good progress.

We are confident of our ultimate victory! We will build a glorious regime that will last a thousand years!

Workers of the world divide, you have nothing to gain but your chains!

Achtung, my lieblings!!! I hate you, but you must learn to love me. Love me I say!

Love me or I will keep filling the Standard with hate filled right wing blog posts from now until the next Reich.

First we take Mornington, then we take Berlin!

Nothing can stop us. Nothing.

And Nothing is what I offer you.


– Colonic Vaper.



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