Pike Miners Left to Die?

We’ve learned overnight that the Pike River mine main shaft was actually safe to enter in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. That’s exactly what mine experts said at the time, but the Government refused to listen. PM John Key repeatedly said that it was madness to re-enter the mine, but he either did not know, or, more likely, did not tell us that a re-entry had already been successfully executed.

My gut feeling is that Key, Whittal and, later, Solid Energy, knew that there was a reasonable chance that some miners had survived the initial blasts and were huddled around the rock fall blockage waiting for a rescue that never came.

Did John Key let the Pike River Mine survivors die to save his face?

The only way we will ever know the truth is to re-enter the mine.

We owe it to the dead men and their families.

We owe it to the living to know the truth about their deaths.




Turnbull’s Memphis Moment

The astonishing story of President Tinkles hanging up on Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull isn’t the first time an ocker conservative leader has been left dangling by an American.

Back in 1986, Malcolm Fraser was found wandering trouser-less in a Memphis motel. He claimed to have no memory of the previous evening and believed he’d been drugged and robbed.

Malcolm Turnbull must know how he feels.

I’m a Racist, a Hater of Women and a Bigoted Troll. But I didn’t vote Trump. Here’s Why.

I’m a bigot. I hate the left, I hate women. I hate the young, the old, the weak, the infirm, the unions, the Democrat party, the left in any western democracy. I have no time for the scientific method, common sense or decency.

But I didn’t vote Trump.

I bore people shitless spruiking for right wing demagogues such as Putin and Assad and I mercilessly troll the shit out of the one left wing site that I’m tolerated on. I get away with it because the piss weak liberals who run the place are too chickenshit to take on my cancerous output and call it for what it is.  Suckers!

I’m a self employed middle class businessman who makes my money conning those weak of spine and weaker of mind. I haven’t got a clue how the underclass and the working poor survive and have nothing but spite and sneering for them and those that try to help them.

But I didn’t vote Trump.

I never met a right wing conspiracy theory I didn’t like and I love telling people I’m post political, because that way I can be as right wing as possible and still stand a chance of getting laid.

I’m everything that people say Trump is; ignorant, fearful, bullying, derisory, clueless, and chock full of self grandeur. Hell, the greatest view in the world is the one I see in my mirror each morning.

But I didn’t vote Trump.

No, I didn’t vote Trump.

Here’s why.

Well, I’m not allowed to.

I’m not actually an American. I’m just a sad wee troll in a small town in the deep south of a shaky island in the South Pacific.

But even the deluded dream. And the self deluded dream the biggest dreams of all.

And I dream big dreams, huuuge dreams of a country where a bold, visionary leader takes the country by storm. We’ll have the bestest brown uniforms, the trains will run on time, women will know their place (mostly the kitchen or the birthing unit).

I have my political team working on it now. Both of them report good progress.

We are confident of our ultimate victory! We will build a glorious regime that will last a thousand years!

Workers of the world divide, you have nothing to gain but your chains!

Achtung, my lieblings!!! I hate you, but you must learn to love me. Love me I say!

Love me or I will keep filling the Standard with hate filled right wing blog posts from now until the next Reich.

First we take Mornington, then we take Berlin!

Nothing can stop us. Nothing.

And Nothing is what I offer you.


– Colonic Vaper.