Thanks, Andrew

Thanks, Andrew

Thank you for winning the leadership. You had strong support from the party and the affiliates and you were the best candidate. We needed you to win.

Thank you for uniting caucus. For the most part, they did not vote for you to lead, but you swiftly won them round. We now have the least bickering, most focussed caucus since the Clark years.

Thank you for engaging with the members. You’ll be remembered for attending more branch and LEC meetings than any leader since the eighties. You asked questions, listened carefully to the answers and did your best to include the members’ views in policy making.

Thanks for not lying. It was your openness and honesty that bought you down, but it was refreshing all the same.

Thanks for going when you did. Resigning was the right thing to do and once again, you have put the party ahead of personal ambition.

Thanks for all you are going to do in the future. The next generation of Labour leaders are going to need a good mentor. There is much they can learn from you.

Thanks, Andrew. This will be a bitter disappointment; however you did what needed to be done. You gave Labour a fighting chance of leading the country again. Now it’s up to others to deliver the knockout blow. Not just the new leadership team, but all party members, all activists, all Kiwis who want a better way.

Thanks, Andrew, you did a good job. That you couldn’t see it through to the election day says more about the nature of the job than the nature of the man.




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