Julian Assange; Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

The Swedish authorities have confirmed that time has run out to prosecute alleged right wing rapist Julian Assange and therefore the charges have been dropped. A jubilant Assange has appeared on the balcony of the Equadorean embassy in London and bizarrely claimed that this is a victory for freedom and, in an Orwellian misuse of language, a blow against the patriarchy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The message for the victims of sexual violence is clear. If men have other powerful men supporting them, there will be no justice. So shut up, women, you don’t count.

Assnage still faces jail time in the UK. For obvious reasons he can’t deny breaching his bail conditions and when he does scuttle out of his embassadorial bolt hole, he’ll be prosecuted for that crime. Well, unless he stays holed up for another few years, when the UK statute of limitations will take that problem away too.

Rich white men; refusing to take responsibility for their actions since forever.

I’ve never liked Assange. I always thought Wikileaks was a tool of oppression and so it has proven to be. Instead of attacking the real centre of global power, capitalism, Wikileaks has focussed on attacking the public service in its various forms. The much maligned state is actually the only hope for the worl’s huddled masses. The government, for all it’s faults, is the only safety net we have.

Bu focussing almost exclusively on deriding democratic institutions, Wikileaks has done the world a major disservice and indirectly helped the rise of the loony right.

Wikileaks is not a progressive force and Julian Assange remains a parasitic bludger. He may moan about not seeing sunlight but the choice was always his. He could have manned up and defended himself, but instead he has acted in a self serving and denialist way, trying to portray himself as the ‘real victim’.

Sure it’s been tough for him in his psuedo jail, with only a constant stream of dimwitted celebrities and Harrod’s hampers to console himself with. But he can look forward to the absolute freedom that only being rich and famous can bring some time soonish.

And then he can get on with his real job, serving the interests of international capitalism.



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