Why Is Bomber Bradbury Bludging off Kiwi Unions?

One of the most frustrating things about our current employment law is that there is no protection against non union workers freeloading off the deals paid for by union members. If a union collective is re-negotiated, the results inevitably flow on to the rest of the workforce.

This bludging off the efforts of others is rightfully met with contempt by union members.

On the Daily Blog, the site’s front page includes links and logos for 7 unions and the Council of Trade Unions.

I understand that the majority of the unions concerned want nothing to do with the Daily Blog and most have asked Bomber Bradbury to remove the links. He refuses to do so. Spitefully, he has set the link for one complaining union so that anyone interested is directed away from the union site and guided to a Forex trading company. Pathetic.

The unions are concerned about the rampant sexism of the blog and the increasingly shrill attacks on worker’s organisations. Most recently, Bradbury has decided to directly attack union workers. Specifically, he wants union communication workers fired. Unsurprisingly, the majority of those union workers are women, which fits in perfectly with his misogynistic world view.

In the union movement, people who bludge off others are regarded as close to the lowest form of industrial life. Only a picket line crossing scab is lower than someone who takes unearned benefits from his fellow workers.

I don’t think Martyn Bradbury is a scab. Yet. However, pretending to have an association with the union movement where none exists is clearly freeloading of the mana of the movement. No, he’s not a scab. He’s a flea and a poseur.

Clearly, Bomber is an unrepentant bludger. He should remove the unearned links and logos immediately. But I bet he doesn’t, because he needs this sham of union support to maintain his fading left credentials.



10 thoughts on “Why Is Bomber Bradbury Bludging off Kiwi Unions?

  1. Hey weren’t you the little scum bag who claimed the TDBs exclusive on John Key touching a young waitress was a lie right up util Key’s office admitted it?

    Your need to manipulate and lie is extraordinary and to be honest it’s so clawed lefties like you who damage the movement with your lies and manipulations.

    No Union has asked me to remove their logo because it’s a Union Directory – it’s like no Union has asked for us to not publish their press releases.

    We are not a sexist blog and we are more pro union than the Fucking standard, we also have more female bloggers than the bloody standard – our concerns have been with paid staff members from middle class unions who are alienating to the wider electorate and are actually being counter productive to change the Government.

    Calling me a scab because we criticise the precious middle class unions is a joke, and so is this blog.


    • First up, I didn’t call you a scab. You’re a flea. Secondly, I suggested that the readers of the Standard were cautious with the hair pulling claim because you had a history of exaggeration. I never said it was a lie, just that it needed confirmation.
      So, what are you going to do about bludging off the unions, Martyn? Are you going to do as they ask and remove their logos or are you going to continue freeloading?


    • Tena koe. This is the first article of yours that I have read and through your links I have now also read a number written by Martyn Bradbury. I have listened to ‘Bomber’ on radio panels a number of times and have certainly found myself disagreeing with many of his points. I have not read enough to comment on your accusation of sexism. However I am concerned at how many of the accusations and statements presented as fact in your piece seem to actually be your opinion or your clearly biased interpretation.
      Using the links you provided as evidence I did not see where Bradbury ‘wants union members fired’. Your statement ‘I understand that the majority of the unions concerned want nothing to do with the Daily Blog and most have asked Bomber Bradbury to remove their names from the Union Directory.’ is not substantiated in your piece. Indeed I have rung two of the listed Unions to ask them about this and they were both unaware of any requests made for their logos to be removed. I understand my expectations may be unreasonable for a personal blog but as your have written this in your capacity as an ‘author’ at The Standard I would encourage a higher standard.

      To Mr Bradbury: I understand the frustration felt when one feels unfairly accused or there is a lack of truth however your comment on this blog above utilising terms like ‘scum bag’ are not only rude but also unhelpful.


      • Thanks, Dee, I appreciate the efforts you’ve made to verify the matter and the thoughtful comment. However, the fact remains that TDB were repeatedly asked by most, if not all, unions to stop claiming credit by association and to remove the logos and links.

        That is why the page was redesigned and what, until recently, was claimed to be actual endorsements from those unions were replaced with the ‘union directory’. The site still gets to freeload off the unions concerned, just in a modified manner. It’s still offensive.

        You’ll note that Bomber is careful to say that ‘no union has asked to be removed from the union directory’. That’s probably true in the short time since he finally agreed to their request to have the more prominent endorsement section removed. But what he won’t admit is that the change came because of direct requests from the unions concerned who do not want to be associated with his site. Basically, Bomber has pulled a swifty and is still trying to give the impression that the unions like the site. They don’t.

        It’s kinda like those websites you occasionally see that promise you millions on the stock exchange with their special system and have endorsements from ‘Sally from Waiku’ and ‘Hone from Hamilton’ who both made $94k last week.

        Fake, fake, fake.


  2. I guess it is easy to have lots of “female” bloggers as you put it, if you tell them you’ll pay them then don’t. While still paying the male bloggers.


  3. Bombers blog carries some good stuff, e.g. http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2017/02/07/trump-time-and-history/
    apart from his short pithy pieces, the TDB makes room for all sorts (even marxists, the politics that dare not speak its name) and is part of the anti Nat scene as far as I am concerned

    the Standard that you used to write for got into major difficulties during the craziness of the US election and seems to have driven away many writers also

    I guess the pressure for blogs is to keep a frantic schedule with underpaid and unpaid people, so you are kidding to expect blogs to be some disciplined “Party Paper”–have any of you antis actually talked to Martyn? and are you (to channel the late Bill Andersen) authorised to make the claims about the union logos by your union?


    • Hi, TM. Optimist that I am, I tried to raise this on TDB last week. As usual, whenever Martyn is caught being a dick his response is to simply delete the comments and pretend nothing ever happened. eg. Do you see this issue being raised on TDB? Nope. Nothing to see here, move on, move on …

      As for TS, well, it’s looking pretty sad these days. Comments and readership have plummetted since the reign of terror began. As one of the remaining killjoy authors has noted, engagement is overated. Bugger the readers, bugger the commenters.

      The coup leaders prefer no debate at all, particularly if it’s from a working class perspective. That’s an observation I share with Bomber, actually. He’s also noted how lame and tame TS has become. Shame, really, because it was quite a happening place for a while when it was still a labour movement blog.


  4. The Standard is now replete with authoritarian passive aggressive authors, penis fixated sysops and the occasional sniveller’s post in the form of Greg Presland.

    The daily blog is hilariously unhinged i’m just awaiting them appointing Penny bright as their lead author.

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