Cop this, Peter Dunne

It’s excellent news for Kiwi voters in general and the citizens of Ohariu specifically, that former Police Association leader Greg O’Connor is to seek the Labour Party nomination for the seat currently held by professional bum licker Peter Dunne.

Dunne, whose only loyalty is to his bank accounts, has flip flopped between governments of the left and right. The only significant concession he has achieved in his lengthy political career is to get each successive PM to offer him a cushy job with a large salary and perks.

Greg O’Connor, on the other hand, has done an excellent job as a union leader, representing his fellow Police Officers with dedication and vigour. He’s his own man.

O’Connor could be seen as the perfect candidate for the seat of Ohariu. He is perceived by the public as being small ‘c’ conservative, a good match for the electorate’s own self image. It would have been no surprise if he’d sought a safe seat with National.

Clearly, though, the man has a conscience and a liberal streak.

Snap him up, Labour!

And, please, Greens, don’t stand in the seat. You’ve previously let Dunne off the hook by putting up electorate candidates, diluting the Labour vote. No excuses this time; let’s work together to make sure Peter is Dunne.


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