H1 and H2

In a few months, the two most important leadership roles on earth could be held by women, Helen Clark and Hillary Clinton. How cool is that? We’ve come along way, world!

Leaving aside feelings toward either, it really is just great that this could even be a reasonable possibility of happening. I half joked on twitter the other day that there should be a moratorium on men standing for office, just so the women could have a crack at running things. Couldn’t do worse, right?

But Helen and Hillary are going to win on their merits. That’s way better.

They will change this world, if given the chance.

The title of the post is ironic. I seriously doubt that they are going to be nicknamed H1 and H2 or that such a thing would matter a damn to either of them. However, if the two HC’s do win their respective posts, then I think we are going to see some pretty ugly stuff about their relationship as it builds. I’d bet the house that a meme that they are in competition or don’t like each other or hate each other’s hairstyles is on the way. Their gender will be used to cheapen their achievements.

Speaking of building the relationship; one unexpected thing. I could only find one photo of the HC’s together when I was looking to illustrate this post. For technical reasons, I went with an alternative split image. Clark and Clinton don’t appear to hang out. So, it really does look like they will be forging a working relationship from the ground up. Not such a bad thing, really.

They’ll have a clean slate and four years to turn the world around.


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