Happy Genocide Day Cobbers!

Aussie journalist Stan Grant says what needs to be said: the Australian dream is built on racism. Happy Australia Day, cobbers, you’ve got a long way to go … and saying sorry isn’t the end of the matter, it’s barely a good starting point for change.

And, readers, don’t think NZ isn’t immune from being delusional about our past, either. We may not have been as directly brutal nor as slow to change as our ANZAC cousins, but Aotearoa was taken from its occupants under duress too.

Bugger the flag referendum, a pointless, empty gesture. When are we going to acknowlege those who fell in the conquering of our country? When are we Kiwis going to really accept the multi generational impact of loss of sovereignty for the tangata whenua?

Are we really all that much better than the Aussies at accepting, respecting and making good our past?


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