No Friends: The One about Rachel

News Flash! Just a couple of months after launching, it looks like MediaWorks’ entertainment website Scout may be flushed down the gutter. Stuff is reporting that self styled ‘queen of gossip’ Rachel Glucina has driven away the majority of the staff who began the project.

Apparently there was regular friction between Glucina and her staffers.

“The way she talks is not okay – everyone got fed up,” claims the source in the Stuff article.


Staffing was always an issue. First out the door was news editor Francis Cook, who lasted just four days. Now just one of the dozen staff who started the project remains.

Right from the start, MediaWorks were actively canvassing for digital content writers, but as one media contact who went as far as an initial interview told me, once it was known that the gig was with Glucina, professional pride got in the way. There are some jobs even the most jaded hack won’t touch.

And what a job it is! Up in the early hours each day to get the latest stories from Hollywood, which are then redrafted to make them seem like original content. The rest of the day crawling through local news websites looking for anything vaguely GossTastic!

The site actually features bugger all Kiwi content, despite Rachel Glucina’s boast at the beginning that Scout would be a New Zealand version of American gossip sites like TMZ and the E! Channel. Is anyone interesting still taking Rachel’s calls?

Top local story this week? Tokoroa Man Dances with Jennifer Lopez.


Scout’s social media numbers are appalling (a mere 1700 fb likes, just 325 followers on twitter). Having peaked in the first days with a rivetting story about Mike Hosking washing his car, there seems to be nothing left in the tank.

At the risk of wallowing in schadenfruede, I don’t regret seeing Rachel Glucina fail. Karma’s a sod and the person who re-victimised the young woman who was repeatedly assaulted by Prime Minister John Key might come out of this experience chastened and wiser. Possibly. Maybe. Well, probably not. Like Cameron Slater, who killed off NZ Truth in quick fashion, Rachel Glucina royally deserves to fail.

As former Truth chief reporter Jock Anderson put it:

“It’s cheap and nasty stuff, and I don’t think anyone is going to bother with it.”

Yep. And after just two months, it looks like MediaWorks now agree with Anderson.

The media company, who partnered with Glucina at the same time they got rid of real journalist John Campbell, are expected to announce Scout’s future later this week. The failure to attract an audience (and presumably the advertising money audiences generate), and ongoing competition from the Herald’s gossip website Spy probably spell the end for Scout.

Perhaps Rachel can return to PR or whatever it was she claimed to an expert in when she conned the Parnell waitress Amanda Bailey into telling her story. Oscar Wilde reckoned we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Now it appears Rachel Glucina just has the gutter to fall back on.

Lets hope she’s not flushed with failure.


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