#milifandom! Labour are going to win the UK Election. Fact!

#milifandom! Labour are going to win the UK Election. Fact!

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Polling opens in the British General Election this evening and close at 9am Friday (NZ time). The first results will start coming through around an hour later, though exit polling will be available immediately.

The latest polls still suggest a hung Parliament, with the Tories likely to be the largest party, with Labour close behind. Prime Minister David Cameron will have a fortnight to try and stitch together a working majority (or minority). If he can’t achieve that, and Labour can, then Ed Miliband will be the new PM, likely leading a minority Government.

In the last few days, public support for Labour has increased, with celebs such as Steve Coogan, cook Delia Smith, comedian Paul O’Grady, snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan, actor Martin Freeman and comedian Jo Brand all urging voters to end the dismal Tory led coalition and put Miliband in No 10 Downing Street instead.

Youth enrolment is up and the Grauniad’s Owen Jones also puts a great case for voting here.

Tellingly, even Russell Brand, formerly a proponent of wilful not voting, has urged his millions of twitter and fb fans to vote Labour. Brand knows the stakes are high. His interview with Miliband on Trews has been a key moment in the campaign, adding left field credibility to the Labour leader.

And, amazingly, the hashtag milifandom is absolutely dominating social media in the UK. Ed Miliband is now sexy and it’s apparently pissing off the Murdoch media big time!

There will be live updates here on the Standard and the usual media outlets:

BBC: Election Live

The Guardian: General Election 2015

The Daily Record will have live Jockalypse updates.

Channel Four will have the most entertaining show, hosted by David Mitchell and Jeremy Paxman and featuring some of the Gogglebox regulars. Or try the Pub Landlord Al Murray’s attempt to stop Nigel Farage winning South Thanet. Hopefully UKIP will knacker the Tories, but not win many seats themselves.

I’ve seen a lot of the election ads; this may well be the best!

And, as always, God Save the Queen! Pip Pip!


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