An Open Letter to the Real Estate Whistleblower

An Open Letter to the Real Estate Whistleblower

Written By: Date published: 10:00 am, July 16th, 2015 – 375 comments
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Thanks. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know your motivation. But I do know you have done New Zealanders a service by opening up the issue of offshore money distorting the Auckland housing market. You have exposed a clear threat to the public interest.

You woke up this morning unemployed. That’s a hell of a price to pay, but I guess you knew that was a likely outcome. However, I’m optimistic that there are kiwi bosses who will want to take on someone who has the courage of their convictions. Not every real estate firm has such close links to the National Party and there will be others out there who will place their trust in you. If you stay in the real estate industry, there are many buyers and sellers who will be keen to do business with an honest broker.

However, New Zealand, under this Government, can be a vindictive, petty minded place. It’s ironic that your dismissal takes place at the same time as journalist Nicky Hager is in court exposing how the NZ Police acted with obscene haste to ruin the sanctity of his home on the say so of a criminal with even closer links to the National Party than the Barfoot family. We’re not the egalitarian, Jack is as good as his master, country we once were. We now live under the golden rule; he who has the gold makes the rules. But I hope your bravery will shame the National Party government into finally acting to end this crisis.

I’m glad you approached the NZ Labour Party. They had the resources to use the information you supplied in the best interests of New Zealand. They’ve paid a price too and it’s sad to see some members quit. But the nastiest whining comes from the rich and powerful and their internet proxies.  I’m confident the trolling from the frightened right won’t have an affect on how New Zealanders see this issue. Kiwis can see the bitter truth at the heart of this issue. We are being priced out of our own country and reduced to the status of tenants on the land and serfs at work. Somebody had to stand up for us. I’m glad you had the moral strength and personal courage to do so.

So, good luck to you. You’ve done New Zealand a service. If first time house buyers here in New Zealand get a fair go in the future, it will be on the back of your sacrifice. That won’t be forgotten, even if we never know who you are.

Kia kaha, my friend.

Thank you.


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